Dr. Klaus Kunz

VP, Head of ESG – External Engagement and Performance Reporting, Bayer AG

Klaus Kunz holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry and an MBA. He joined Bayer in 2001 and has gained 21 years of experience directing business strategic topics at a global level, taking leadership and executive roles in research, R&D project management, regulatory and public/governmental affairs, sustainability and business stewardship. Since February 2022 he is responsible for ESG strategy, non-financial and sustainability reporting and engagement with partners, investors and other stakeholders on ESG and sustainability-related matters.
Integration of sustainability into business has been at the core of Klaus’ work for many years.

Klaus is member of the advisory board of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on ESG (UK), the ESG practitioners of the WEF and other international initiatives. He is passionate about driving innovation and change, cross-cultural collaboration, politics, history and science, also holding a lectureship for chemistry at the University of Aachen. He is married with three children.

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