Tobias Ramolla

Head of IR Solutions, Bundesanzeiger Verlag

Tobias Ramolla joined Bundesanzeiger Verlag in February 2020 as Head of IR Solutions in the publishing division. Among other things, he is the contact person for the ESEF Manager product, an application from Bundesanzeiger Verlag for preparing the annual financial reports of European issuers in the new required ESEF reporting format.

The second thematic focus is the regulatory issues arising from ARUG II, based on the European Shareholder Rights Directive. Here, Mr. Ramolla deals with the customer relations of the German Platform for Shareholder Identification and Information (DPAii) of the Bundesanzeiger Verlag, which serves to identify shareholders and simplify communication between them and the respective issuer.

In both above-mentioned areas, Mr. Ramolla lectures mainly at face-to-face meetings and shows issuers ways and measures to implement regulatory requirements and optimize processes and costs.

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