Christof Schwab

Director Business Development, Computershare

As Director Business Development at Computershare Germany, Christof Schwab is responsible for the further development of the entire service portfolio, from share register management and meeting services to proxy solicitation measures and employee equity plans. Mr. Schwab has over 20 years of management experience in business development and corporate finance. He is familiar with the investor relations requirements of major global corporations from his work in senior management positions. As Head of Equity Capital Markets at a German industrial group from the DAX40, he was responsible for the development of equity capital measures as well as the organization of general meetings. Mr. Schwab accompanied the employee participation program and the spin-off of a well-known corporate division from the group. As a member of the registered share working group, Christof Schwab has been actively involved in the further development of the registered share in Germany on the issuer side for many years.

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