Speaker Profile


Ariane Hofstetter

Scientific Director, Global ESG Monitor

+49 611 88 00 11 05

Ariane Hofstetter has been developing research formats from a behavioral economics perspective for about 10 years. Her areas of interest include reception and learning behavior in an increasingly digitized world, ESG, aging studies, and women's studies. Coming from European anthropology, her research focuses on people and their motives with regard to market-relevant behavior, across cultural boundaries. Since January 2016, Ariane Hofstetter has been Managing Director of KOHORTEN Sozial- und Wirtschaftsforschung GmbH & Co.KG. The Institute has been working in an interdisciplinary manner with a psychological focus since 1973. KOHORTEN works throughout Europe for marketing, human resources and product development. The institute is known for many pioneering works in market research, e.g. early price elasticity studies and conjoint analyses, but also depth psychological studies.

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